Message from CEO

Our mission is to ensure you “Create a life that fits your lifestyle.” We have been helping people to create a life that makes them feel happy and satisfied.

And to achieve that mission, we have made it our management policy to focus only on initiatives that give us “freedom” from domination by others, “peace” from unwanted competition by establishing a unique position, and “hope” that makes us look forward to the future.

As such, when we were introduced to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in recent years, we realized that pursuing our goal of maximizing freedom, peace, and hope was how we would continue to develop our business sustainably toward our mission.

In other words, it has become clear to us that in order for us to be truly sustainable, the society and environment surrounding us must also be sustainable. It is obvious that in a world where the sustainability of society and the environment is in jeopardy, it is impossible for us to ensure sustainability on our own.

Therefore, in order to surely realize our mission, it is essential for us to actively fulfill our responsibilities within the framework of the SDGs, which are shared around the world as goals to be achieved by 2030 in order for society and the environment to be sustainable.

The ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) perspective also made us realize that in order for us, a stock company, to be responsible for the sustainability of society and the global environment, we should add society and the global environment equally to the stakeholders that have generally been referred to as customers, shareholders, business partners, employees, and management, and seek the best balance for all these stakeholders.

It is very difficult to increase the number of stakeholders and then achieve results in business toward a single mission.

My false feeling at the moment is that we are struck by the feeling of standing still in front of our own abilities and how little we have accomplished in relation to the level of difficulty and the lofty goals that have been set.

But we cannot afford to remain standing still if we are to state that we are not self-deceived and that we are striving to be a sustainable company in pursuit of our mission.

I would like to start by explaining what we are trying to contribute to among the various SDGs, and what we have achieved and what we are working to achieve, albeit in a small way.

Hopefully we will be able to look back in 2030, after accumulating concrete accomplishments, with confidence that we have indeed made a positive contribution to improving the sustainability of society and the environment.

Kohei Aoki
Kurashicom Inc.

3 Key Focus Areas


We aim to minimize waste through accurate demand forecasting and operate our business in an environmentally friendly manner.

“Hokuoh, kurashi no dougu ten” has been able to expand its product sales by thoroughly forecasting demand and establishing a reliable customer appeal and support system, while at the same time maintaining a regular price satisfaction rate of over 95% and a near-zero product disposal rate.

In addition, we minimize packaging materials used for product delivery to the extent that delivery quality can be maintained, and we continue to make improvements in the selection of materials with an emphasis on environmental friendliness.

Actual (Fiscal year ending July 2023)
Percentage of goods sold at fixed price
・Develop and implement a sales plan to achieve zero product waste
・Simplification of packaging materials
・Environmentally friendly materials

We offer a working style that pursues both lifestyle and business growth through a system based on life changes and thorough business efficiency.

Since its founding in 2006, Kurashicom has been committed to a way of working that does not take working overtime for granted. In recent years, we have also introduced a flexible working hours system.

In addition, the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, which forced employees to work remotely for several days, led to the introduction of a paperless system for operations such as contracts, bill payments, approval requests, and labor management, and the introduction of chat services and online conference systems to improve communication efficiency.

These efforts have resulted in more efficient work, higher employee productivity, and more options for work styles, allowing more employees to take on greater responsibility in their jobs, with diverse circumstances and responsibilities.

While the percentage of female employees is as high as 70 to 80%, and a large number of employees (10 to 20%) are always on maternity/paternity leave, we maintain a high percentage of female managers and achieve a good balance between a fitting lifestyle and business growth.

Actual (Fiscal year ending July 2023)
Average overtime hours per month
Percentage of employees taking maternity or childcare leave
Return to work rate after childcare leave
Ratio of females in managerial positions
・Establish and implement a work plan that does not make overtime work the norm
・Establishment of a remote system for all employees
・Paperless documents

Foster a corporate culture that maintains fairness to all stakeholders while growing the economy.

In order to be fair to our stakeholders (customers, shareholders, suppliers, and employees), we have been working to create a company that has a strong governance system for management, which is in charge of corporate decision-making. This is because we aim to manage the company in such a way that all stakeholders, with their differing circumstances, are not treated with disdain, but can work together as “colleagues” to advance our mission.

We will continue to make improvements to ensure fair and sustainable management for all of our stakeholders, including “society” and “the environment.

・Establishment of corporate governance policy

・Establishment of an internal consultation service on harassment
・Establishment and implementation of basic policy against antisocial forces
・Establishment of corporate policy on criteria for employment, promotion, etc.
・Obtained Privacy Mark (certification for personal information protection system by JIPDEC)