Create a life that fits your lifestyle.
Through our business activities, we aim to contribute to the creation of a world where you can “create a life that fits your lifestyle,” and to help realize a “comfortable society” in which a large number of people enjoy a state of well-being.


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    Kurashicom was established to assist customers who seek a custom-made lifestyle through the provision of a variety of services.

    We believe that having a life which “fits” and feels like it is tailor-made just for you, is what truly enriches people and makes them happy.

    We believe that feeling “fit” in life, as if life were tailor-made for you, is what truly makes you rich and happy.

    The right job for you
    A partner you can trust
    A home that makes the most of your special interests
    Fashion that allows you to express your true self

    We search for and find what fits us.
    In the process, we create a way of life that fits us without the need to compare ourselves with others.

    If many people could feel their lives like their favorite comfortable shirt in this way, it would be a free, diverse, tolerant, and happy world. We dream of such a world. And we sincerely hope to contribute to its realization.

    Please look forward to the future of Kurashicom.

    Kohei Aoki
    Kurashicom Inc.


    Our mission is to ensure you “Create a life that fits your lifestyle.” In order to surely realize our mission, it is essential for us to actively fulfill our responsibilities within the framework of the SDGs, which are shared around the world as goals to be achieved by 2030 in order for society and the environment to be sustainable.


    Company Name
    Kurashicom Inc.
    nonowa KUNITACHI SOUTH 3F, 1-1-52 Naka, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo Japan
    Kohei Aoki
    2006 / 09
    100 million yen
    Number of Employees
    Management of Life Culture Platform “Hokuoh, Kurashi no douguten”.
    D2C(communicating and transacting directly with users online).
    Providing marketing solutions to client companies.
    Publishing articles, videos, and other contents.
    Operation of web media.
    Planning and sales original products.